Complete Plants and Individual Machines

Circular Knitting Machines

A wide selection of Camber, Pillotelli, Albi

Spinning Machines- Ring and Open End

Complete Spinning Mills and individual spinning machines, starting from the blow room all the way to the packing!

Finishing Machines- Printing Machines

We offer second hand solutions for your finishing department, including raising and shearing machines, stenters, calanders at many different working widths

Weaving Looms

A nice selection of weaving looms, with or without jacquard, any type and width. Complete weaving Plants

Dyeing Machines

All kinds of dyeing machines, and complete dyeing and finishing plants

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Complete Spinning Mills and individual machines from the blow room to the packing.


Complete weaving plants, and individual weaving looms and circular knitting machines


Complete Dyeing and finishing Plants, Printing machines, individual dyeing and finishing machines


Complete Knitting Plants and Individual Knitting machines, circular and flat knitting.
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